What Are Asthma Inhalers And How Are They Used Correctly?

What are asthma inhalers and how are they used correctly? It may seem like an easy question, but did you know in some cases you need to puff and breathe or breathe and puff? Or are you aware of what drugs are inside it and how they work? Did you know there are three main types of inhalers that may be used to deliver your medicine to your lungs? There are many things to take into account when you buy asthma inhalers over the internet, because you are supposed to know all that when placing your order. On the other hand, no one is keeping you from seeing a doctor first and then going online to order your inhaler there, that way saving money and not having to worry about refills.

What Are Asthma Inhalers And How Are They Used Correctly_

Types of inhalers

There are metered dose inhalers, nebulisers and dry powder inhalers when it comes to types of those devices.

Metered-dose inhalers

An aerosol inhaler (metered-dose aerosol for inhalation) is a multi-dose inhaler in the form of a balloon that contains a suspension of drugs mixed with additional substances and a propellant gas. The propellant gas turns a suspension of drugs into an aerosol that can be inhaled. Each time you press, a single dose of medication comes out of the inhaler. The drug is in a balloon under pressure and is discharged at a speed of 30-50 m/s, therefore inhalation is technically complicated and needs precise timing of inhalation. With direct inhalation, most of the drug remains in the mouth, and this reduces the effect of the drug and increases the risk of side effects, and most of the medicine will simply disappear. A reservoir aerosol inhaler is commonly used for ore children who still cannot cope with inhalation of powdered drugs.

Metered-dose inhalers are used most commonly these days, as they are easy to use and affordable. The kind of drug you need in your inhaler varies based on your needs and individual health aspects that have to be taken into account. You may need a combination of a bronchodilator and a corticosteroid for efficient and safe treatment, so this is a very important aspect to discuss with a medical professional before you decide to buy asthma inhalers online.


A nebulizer is an electrical aerosol dispenser where the liquid medication is sprayed in the form of an aerosol and inhaled through the nib with a valve. Depending on age, the nebulizer is used with or without a mask. All medicines are not available as a nebulizer solution. Using a nebulizer, you can use high-speed bronchial relaxants and some glucocorticoids. A nebulizer is not suitable for permanent treatment, but it is very effective for an acute attack of asthma at any age. Therefore, it is used mainly in hospitals and emergency stations.

Powder inhalers

Powder inhalers are more effective than aerosols and are easier to use. The use of powder inhalers does not require temporary coordination of breathing or in a reservoir. You only need a deep breath through the inhaler, and therefore only a deep breath is required from the patient. Even children aged 5-6 years can cope with a powder inhaler. Powder inhalers are not suitable for infants and small children and for patients with respiratory failure. Powder inhalers can be single or multi-dose:

  • Multi-dose powder inhalers contain a certain number of doses in one inhaler (Advair Diskus);
  • Single dose inhalers contain medicine that is placed in a single-use capsule (Aerolizer);
  • The powder on the disk is divided into doses (Aerolizer). There are 8 doses of drugs on one disk. There may be 60 to 200 doses per inhaler.

How to use an asthma inhaler?

Read these simple and accurate instructions on how to use the inhaler correctly.

  1. Get an inhaler. You need to buy an inhaler that your doctor prescribes for you or your child;
  2. Make sure your mouth is clean. No need to brush your teeth. You just have to rinse your mouth. This means that you should not use an inhaler if you chew chewing gum or other food. Also, if you have just eaten, clear the mouth of food debris;
  3. Place your index finger on top of the metal can. Do not press too hard, otherwise, you will spend the dose in vain;
  4. Place your thumb on the bottom of the inhaler, the index finger still remains on top of the metal can, do not press hard. Keep this position;
  5. Remove the cap from the mouthpiece;
  6. Shake the inhaler. Do not shake it too much, otherwise, the balloon will fall out;
  7. Exhale;
  8. Place the mouthpiece between the lips;
  9. Press the metal can firmly with your index finger taking one breath at the same time;
  10. After you take one breath, remove your finger from the can and remove the mouthpiece from the mouth;
  11. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds, then exhale;
  12. If the doctor has prescribed another dose, repeat steps 3-12;
  13. When you’re done, cover the mouthpiece and place the inhaler in a dry place.