If you do not have an Air Vitalizer, you ARE the Air Vitalizer!

airThe Allergy Store Air Vitalizer is the culmination of over twenty years of experience in research on air ions, air purification, and the design of negative ion generators. It will provide years of benefit and trouble free operation. The Air Vitalizer produces small negative ions that are found naturally in unpolluted air. If you are looking to significantly improve your health and well-being by reducing the adverse effects of breathing polluted and ion depleted imbalanced air, you will find the Air Vitalizer to be the ideal unit.

Totally silent and cost only pennies to operate (no filters to replace). It is very portable, so it can be used at night in the bedroom (where you will receive 6-8 hours of benefit) and then either moved to another room during the day, or taken to the office (office air is typically bad). The Air Vitalizer is also ideal for travel…cleaning and freshening stale, stuffy hotel or motel air.

Invest in your health, and improve the quality of your indoor air, and experience for yourself the benefits of breathing cleaner, negative ion rich air.

Technical Specifications:

Size: 8 ” High with a 4 ½ ” Long X 2 1/8″
Diameter base: Weight: Ultralite (solid state electronics) 1 Lb.
Fully portable:
Color: Brushed Aluminum body with clear ionization Arm & Head:
Electrode: Replaceable, safety ionization:
Ion Output: Variable (self regulating):
Power Consumption: 10 watts:
Optimal Ion Benefit: Within 8 foot radius from unit:
Warranty: One year on parts and labor.
Medicare Code: #A-9270.