How to Know if You Have Asthma?

Bronchial asthma is the disease of the respiratory tract, which is characterized as purely chronic. Only a pulmonary doctor can establish an accurate diagnosis, but everyone can independently suspect such a disease by promptly drawing attention to the characteristic symptoms.

Initially, try to remember if anyone in your family has ever had asthma. Often this disease is purely hereditary. You should understand you are prone to any kind of allergies (dust, flowers, animals). In both cases, you need to carefully observe and listen to your body.

Very often, the first news about the presence of asthma brings the presence of constant, persistent rhinitis. Think carefully and try to remember in detail how often you have a runny nose, how long it lasts and is it not running to a chronic form? If this is true, then you are unlikely to see any effect from medication treatment.

After suffering a cold, follow the condition of your body for some time. If you really develop asthma, after a cold, you will have a dry cough, which the medications could not get rid of. This cough is especially intense in the morning and at night.Asthma

Carefully monitor your body temperature. Usually, it is not characteristic of asthma, but however, by raising it, one can judge the course of another disease that has similar symptoms.

With the detection of the first disease symptoms, immediately consult a doctor. If asthma is found at an early stage of development and the doctor diagnoses it in time, preventive measures to eliminate the disease will be enough to conduct.

The surest way is to always listen to your body. An asthma diagnosis can be established only after an initiated attack, which is accompanied by sudden rhinitis, itching of the whole body, chest pain, wheezing. In case you are overwhelmed by such an attack, sit on a chair and lean forward. Thus you will help the bronchi to open up more, thus facilitating breathing. Such an attack can last only a few minutes and may take more than one hour.

Always carry drugs with you that affect the bronchi. However, buying such drugs should be treated only after prior consultation with a doctor.

When the attack has been delayed for a very long period of time, but relief does not come at all, do not hesitate and quickly call an ambulance. It is likely that you will need resuscitation services.

You should do your best to avoid experiencing severe stress. Just a surplus of emotions to a greater extent may serve as the main cause of asthmatic suffocation. In addition, it is also possible due to contact with some allergen.