Common Inhalers for Asthma Treatment

If you are looking to buy asthma inhalers online, there are many aspects you have to be taking into account. Firstly, it’s the device you would like to use to deliver the medicine. Secondly, it’s the type of medicine inside that device.

Asthma inhalers come in a variety of types and sizes, and making the right decision is all about having your individual needs correctly assessed. People that want to buy asthma inhalers and save money are supposed to know exactly which medicine they need and in what amount. The beauty of an online pharmacy lies in the fact you can order any amount you want without any need for a prescription. That way, your shopping is a lot more affordable and pleasant, plus you do not need to go anywhere to get the drug you want. The most important thing is for you to know is which medicine you need. For instance, many inhalers contain bronchodilators that open up airways and facilitate breathing. Others contain steroids to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling. There are also quite a few inhalers that come with a combination of both, often to make sure they enhance the effects of one another. Knowing the drugs you need for the treatment, as well as their combination and the dosage at which you are supposed to administer them, is crucial for safe and successful treatment.

Common Inhalers for Asthma Treatment

Types of inhalers

To get timely and correct asthma treatment, you need to know that inhalers are the most rapid and effective means in attacks. Tablets, injections achieve the effect after a certain period of time, and inhalation stop the attack immediately. There are several types of devices. We will list them:

  1. Spacer. This is a device used to make administering aerosolized medication from an inhaler easier. The patient must learn to inhale the medication and press the button of the device simultaneously;
  2. Nebulizer. This is a special ultrasonic or membrane device that delivers medicine in small portions. There is no need to make a deeper breath. The patient’s task is to calmly inhale the vapors that the nebulizer forms;
  3. Pocket inhaler. This inhaler is most convenient to use. It can always be taken with you and used at the slightest suspicion of shortness of breath.

In addition, all types of inhalers are divided into liquid and powder. Devices filled with a liquid form of medicine are the cheapest and most compact. By pressing a button, a solution is ejected onto the surface of the bronchi. The patient must learn to inhale the solution and press the button simultaneously. If you inhale the wrong way, the drug particles will settle in the mouth and will not bring relief.

Powder sprayers are one of the most effective medications today. The capsule with a dose of powder is inserted into the device. If necessary, the person must press the mechanism that breaks the capsule, and inhale the contents through an inhaler. The advantage of such inhalations is the speed of drug delivery to the bronchi and the immediate relief of the patient’s condition. The only negative aspect is the high cost of this inhaler. I you want to save on powder sprayers, you should buy them online, for example, in Allergy Store.

Basic therapy

There are two completely different directions in the treatment of the disease: symptomatic and basic therapy. In the basic treatment, drugs are used regularly, it allows you to control asthma throughout life. Symptomatic therapy implies one-time and quick relief of shortness of breath.

Keep in mind: any preparations for bronchial asthma should be prescribed only by a qualified pulmonologist!

To avoid acute attacks, you should take anti-inflammatory drugs in time. They tend to accumulate in the bronchi, reduce inflammation and prevent exacerbations. We will list the most prescribed drugs for bronchial asthma:

  1. Beclomethasone. This is a metered hormone aerosol, which, with regular use, is able to relieve inflammation, restore the membrane of the epithelium, and slows the formation of mucus;
  2. Fluticasone propionate. This is a fluorinated glucocorticosteroid in combination with salmeterol, which relieves inflammation in the bronchi;
  3. Budesonide. This inhaled glucocorticoid can increase the number of active beta-adrenergic receptors in the airways and relieve inflammation in the bronchial mucosa. The dosage of the drug depends on the severity of asthma.

For the treatment of children, doctors recommend using cromones. They relieve inflammation to a lesser extent but are safer. Their main effect is antiallergic.

Asthma emergency help

Bronchodilators for asthma are needed during uncontrolled sudden attacks. Therefore, all people who have this not very pleasant diagnosis should carry one of the pocket inhalers with them. Their action is to stimulate the receptors of the bronchioles and to expand capillaries. As a result, relief comes in a minute.

We will list common pocket inhalers:

  1. Salbutamol. Asthma spray is recommended for adults and children from two years. He quickly relieves bronchospasm. It features convenience and low cost. Brand names are Ventolin, Proventil.
  2. Symbicort. The active ingredients are budesonide and formoterol. The medication can be used as maintenance therapy and during an attack. It is a capsule that contains medicinal powder. The dosage should be selected by the attending physician.
  3. Berodual. The active ingredients are formoterol and ipratropium bromide. The inhaler is used during attacks of any severity.
  4. Atrovent. A liquid inhaler that blocks bronchospasm and relieves shortness of breath. For a positive effect, the dosage should be selected by a pulmonologist.

Important: Children are recommended to use powder inhalers, as they make it possible to calculate the exact dose of the drug!