Asthma at Children is Curable

From perspective of traditional medicine, asthma is an incurable disease. Doctors only try to control its course using medicines and various procedures. Asthma Inhalers Online specialists say the opposite: bronchial asthma can be cured, if you eliminate its cause.

Currently, the number of children, suffering from bronchial asthma, increases. The earlier you start proper asthma treatment, the more likely it is that you child will overcome the disease. Treatment should begin with determining causes.

asthma in childrenDisease development has two most common asthma causes:

  1. Psychosomatic, or neurogenic. It arises as a result of stress. And stress may not necessarily be severe, asthma attacks at children can be caused by overprotection by family: parents, grandparents. For example, one patient’s mother at slightest cough anxiously ran to the child, the child began coughing even more, so the mother gave up her job to look after him. Asthmatic bronchitis attacks gradually appeared. Grandmother-doctor decided to participate, they started to call ambulance. The father began to feel guilty for that he pays little attention to the family. On this background, disease course at this child becomes more severe and asthmatic bronchitis transfers into asthma. Psychological situation in the family is a stimulating point. Later infection appears, allergic and autoimmune processes, and eventually the whole body turns out to be involved.
    Of course, it is rather difficult to understand that the cause is overprotection. At first glance, the child grows up in love and care, but sick. The impetus for asthma development can also be lack of attention from parents.
  2. Suppressed common cold or skin diseases. If the child was treated with antibiotics or other sulfonamides, which reduced his immunity, from flu or other colds, then, as they say in homeopathy, the disease can go to another level. From simple colds appears bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, and then bronchitis with asthmatic component and asthma. The same can happen if dermatitis was treated only with ointments, only removing the symptom, rather than eliminating the cause.
    Of course, not all children who received antibiotics acquire asthma. Crucial role is played by genetic predisposition. Presence of asthma in the family is not a necessary condition. Burdening heredity may also be pulmonary diseases (pleurisy, tuberculosis, positive Mantoux test), some serious diseases.

How to Cure Asthma?

  • Create psychological comfort for your child. Alone or together with psychologist work out correct upbringing tactics;
  • Increase body’s own resistance (resistance to disease) and, if possible to restore body from antibiotics effects – with broths, herbs;
  • Often asthma is adjacent to skin disease. In this case, if skin disease is treated with the help of ointments, asthma exacerbation may occur. It is better to remove itching with the help of diet;
  • Non-drug treatment methods help with asthma: various breathing techniques, homeopathic remedies, salt caves, massages.

In anthroposophic medicine an effective method of asthma treatment is used – eurythmy. This is movement therapy, in which speech or sound patterns are transformed into movement. When dealing with bronchial asthma in anthroposophic medicine they combined certain letters pronunciation with certain movements.

At asthma also treatment of infection sources is needed: treatment of quinsy, sinusitis, brushing teeth. Permanent sources of infection support asthma. And there is no need to treat it with medicaments, because drugs like additional toxins only complicate asthma course. Physiotherapy is better: ultraviolet, blue light, centers of infection immediate treatment.

Trying to deal with the disease with traditional methods, just removing asthma symptoms with using inhalers, we will get a complete asthmatic. Sensible patients are trying to find alternative treatments. And the earlier asthma treatment at a child is started, the more favorable prognosis is.