Allergic Asthma at Children

Today, about 30% of people throughout the world suffer from allergies. Most of them – children who face different kinds of allergies from birth. Doctors tend to call the 21st century as the century of allergies. Let’s now talk about the causes of childhood allergies and how to treat it.

Allergies at children is a type of immune response to certain substances (allergens) impact, which is accompanied by organs and tissues damage. Allergy is considered distorted way of body protection, which has to be treated (this is general allergy definition).

Allergy Causes at Children

According to Asthma Inhalers Online scientists, allergic reactions causes can be numerous, modern medicine points out the following main causes of allergies at children:

Allergic in children

  1. Heredity. Scientists have proved that predisposition to allergies is often transmitted genetically. It was noted that mothers of children, who suffer from allergies, in 70% of cases were also allergic, and in 10 – 20% of cases fathers suffered from allergies. Doctors say that if both parents are allergic, probability of allergy occurrence at children is 80%.
  2. Infectious diseases at early age are prerequisite for allergies development later in life.
  3. Sterile living conditions. Asthma scientists claim that overly sterile living conditions, rare contacts with infections can cause allergic reactions.
  4. Environment. Adverse environmental conditions also provoke allergies. The main negative factors are considered: pollution, large amounts of chemicals, products containing antibiotics, hormones, electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Internal organs diseases. It happens that allergy cause becomes internal organs dysfunction: liver, stomach, endocrine and nervous systems.

General Allergy Symptoms at Children

Regarding allergy symptoms at children, they depend on what type of allergies are found at children. At different allergy types, symptoms will be different. There distinguish such common childhood allergy symptoms as: itching, urticaria fever, skin rash, eczema, rhinitis, lacrimation, certain tissues swelling, allergic asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, spasms, fever.

Allergy Treatment

If using tests doctors managed to determine exactly what kind of allergen causes reaction in child’s body, then the most effective treatment for allergy will be avoiding contacts with this allergen.

When allergen is not determined, most commonly allergy medicines are prescribed, which are able to eliminate symptoms of allergies, as well as improve baby’s condition.

Medication can be prescribed only by a doctor carrying out preliminary examination and allergy test. Self-medication in case of allergy can be dangerous!

An effective method of food allergy treatment at child can be a diet. Diet type depends on child’s condition. It is essential that diet treatment also is carried out under doctor’s supervision. If allergen is not identified, it is often recommended to eliminate from diet tea, chocolate, sugar and foods containing these ingredients, refined cereals, meat, fish, milk, cheese, butter, meats and spices.

Among modern methods of allergy treatment there is used allergenspecific immunotherapy. During this treatment a small amount of allergen is introduced into patient’s blood, resulting in tolerance development to the allergen. This procedure can be carried out at children after three years old.

Also physical therapy at allergies is considered effective. The most common physiotherapeutic procedure at allergies is considered plasmapheresis (blood plasma treatment method), speleochamber (in this chamber air is saturated with salt ions, therein patient is placed for some time), stratochamber (patient is placed in a special airtight chamber in which high air pressure is generated).

Among new methods of allergy treatment intravenous laser blood irradiation (IVLBI) is worth mentioning. This method can be effectively used to treat majority of allergic diseases: atopic dermatitis, urticaria fever, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis.

Besides traditional remedies are popular for allergies treatment that involve wiping, herbs. Before using traditional medicine it is also recommended to consult a doctor!

Children’s allergy is a problem №1 for many of today’s children. To protect your baby from allergies later in life, doctors recommend taking care of it from birth: practicing breastfeeding until at least six months old, and not to introduce supplementary food before this age, because child’s immune system is actively developing during the first year of life.

At first signs of allergy at your child, you must immediately consult a doctor and in any case not to self-medicate!